Wednesday, June 15, 2011

nikki mcclure: my new fav!

Nikki McClure by Dicky Dahl from PatCastaldo on Vimeo.

nikki mcclure has become one of my new favorite illustrators. her medium is paper cutting. i have a set of her "treasure" stationary and i am planning on buying the newest children's book: to market, to market. i hope that you are inspired by her life and art. i know that she is getting at something fundamental to what it means to be human. i think we are nature, created by an infinite God, who loves us, who loves his creations and is intimately involved in his creation. any thoughts?


  1. I really like it, Esther! After I watched, I was thinking "I wish I made art." And then I thought, "I am art!" and, well, I like to paint my nails, toes, fingers. And I guess that is like art, right? And cooking is art, like blending colors, and flavors of my food. Yeah! I am art!

  2. Love Nikki McClure, LOVE her! I have baby boys for all the boys by her, and I have prints that I am needing to get framed to hang in their rooms too. She is wonderful.