Monday, September 6, 2010

miss ann

miss ann is our neighbor across the street. she is 93 years old and lives alone, as her husband passed away seven years ago. they were married for 62 years. when she comes over to visit with us, we often ask her questions about her life and ask for her wisdom on children, homekeeping, and mostly marriage. last night she told us stories of her life as an immigrant child in baltimore. she left sicily when she was five years old, on a boat bound for new york city. something that struck me as amazing last night was her proud declaration that she wasn't afraid to say they didn't eat meat everyday. she was one of ten children. her mother baked bread every morning of her life. meat was a luxury reserved for sunday meals. as i am putting together our meal plans for this fall and after making soulemama's delicious soup and lentil soup last week i have been considering using meat only a few days a week. meat is expensive and if we don't buy organic, grass fed beef it is very costly on the environment as well as our health. i'd like to have a pasta night, a soup night, roast chicken, homemade pizza night, mexican night (using beans or meat) and then two other options to round my week out. i know i want to cook with a lot more lentils, beans, and vegetables as the main dishes. since it is the new season of autumn, warm hearty soups and stews will be really wonderful on the chilly evenings. its good to learn from the older generations, who lived in leaner times, as we are now in a time of recession. it is good to value the old wisdom.