Tuesday, February 22, 2011

spring is coming ...

the robins were out yesterday and now we have snow! but spring is coming. i know this fact, because the hubs and i successfully took two carloads (not completely full due to car seats and boosters) to the goodwill. i also attempted to take a car load of toys/kids items to once upon a child over the weekend, but got there right before it closed and was advised to come at opening of the next business day. ugggh so i just lugged all of that junk out to the car, drove the 20 minutes to the shop, drove back, then lugged it all back in to the garage. the junk heap is waiting for its day (i wonder how much money i can get for it?) it was one of those tasks that is not easily completed, a nagging, on-going task.

decluttering tasks yet to be completed:

1. garage
2. master bedroom
3. office
4. take more to goodwill
5. take load to kids' consignment shop for resale

projects to figure out:

1. office paper junk
2. children's school paper pile up
3. proper use of office for tasks, rather then pile ups being in other parts of the house
5. buy a paper shredder

Ye Old College Try: I wish I could take credit for this

Ye Old College Try: I wish I could take credit for this: "After getting rid of so much stuff during the month of January and my 5 things challenge, my apartment sometimes feels cold and barren. Pic..."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


today it is in the fifties and sunny. i am fairly jumping up and down! i picked up kyrie from school and brought everyone home for a quick snack. now they are all outside playing in or around the dogwood tree out back. i am in the sunroom about to get my 15 minutes of vitamin D. i know that i have much to do - as always - but i want to enjoy the last of my coffee and steal away the few moments of peace.

did anyone get some sunshine therapy today?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

the happiness project

yesterday i sat down to edit and organize my pile of recipes in to ONE binder! i decided a few months ago that this NEEDED to be done. (after reading about said project in small notebook) but i just put it on a list for another day's doing and low and behold TODAY arrived. i think my momentum is rolling along. you see, this whole simplify what you have, cull down to what you love and keep it, take care of it, use it -- its been building in me, all this year after we moved AGAIN! now we are settling in. we'll be here at least three years (in this one house!) and i can get to my project list. the momentum grew even more as i have been reading the happiness project. basically this project is a set of resolutions that i am making (daily) and collecting in a notebook, of which i ACTUALLY, in small bits and pieces, fulfill or work on. so as i have been working on the house, i got to a point today (never mind my laundry has gotten rather behind) where my office was nearly finished becoming the creative space i have been dreaming about. so i started working on those recipes. what freedom. what lovliness. ditch the extra and keep the wonderful!! i am making a list of (did i mention i love lists!) dinners to go to in a pinch. i want to have the makings for these dinners on hand at all times (if possible) and i also want to have (one of these days this project will be started!) a year's worth of food in case of emergencies. if you look at my book list on amazon you would see a stack on survival, self-sufficiency, handwork, gardening, living-off-the-land. SO the point of this blog post is that i am being creative!!!! the office is my creative space now!! i even made birthday invitations for my daughter's birthday party (which is in three weeks!) good things are happening around here. it also helps that i got a decent night's sleep (getting to bed by 9:30pm). its a must around here if mama is to be on her game in the morning.

now if i can just get to cleaning the floors, dusting, washing sheets, everyday laundry, exercise, eating better and drinking my water!! Oh Lord Jesus Have Mercy!!

** please go to the happiness project blog b/c i am not giving it a full explaination. i think there are parts to it that will really resonate with you heart and your soul. ultimately i know that my joy the FULL JOY is found in my relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit & i know that this liturgy i am longing to live out will fill my abundantly over and over. he gives me choices every day to pick those fruits of the Spirit and to eat of them: love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness self-control. this project is about making those fruit choices. its feeding my soul.