Friday, June 17, 2011

paper airplanes

inspired by elisabeth irwin's airplane birthday invitations, i decided (prompted by my almost 3 year old) to learn how to fold a good airplane. being a girl, i never learned this skill, although i think just about every dad knows how to! (elisabeth's husband jim did all the folding for her!) here is a great how-to site for the "basic dart" airplane. male craft demystified! ps this photo is of a blue angel - the navy fighter jet. my boys loves these!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

found::domestic serenity

i found this beautiful blog this morning and i just had to share with you'll. i think this woman has an amazing gift of sharing her life and the way of the beautiful in the everyday. please enjoy!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

nikki mcclure: my new fav!

Nikki McClure by Dicky Dahl from PatCastaldo on Vimeo.

nikki mcclure has become one of my new favorite illustrators. her medium is paper cutting. i have a set of her "treasure" stationary and i am planning on buying the newest children's book: to market, to market. i hope that you are inspired by her life and art. i know that she is getting at something fundamental to what it means to be human. i think we are nature, created by an infinite God, who loves us, who loves his creations and is intimately involved in his creation. any thoughts?

today's treasure

i have been having fun discovering more blogs/storefronts of my friends from younger years! today's treasure is elisabeth irwin's my growing home. check it out!! she has some amazing little tutorials -- she writes of her everyday moments with her precious little boys. i think you will enjoy this site!

Friday, June 10, 2011

at home

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while i celebrated an amazing reunion in town, my folks took the kids for us. they had a blast on the farm. it was the first time that i really "relaxed" down here. i think the kids are really getting to the age where i don't have to be following them every step. the farm is a wonderful adventurous place for little ones. full of chickens, new kids (baby goats), dogs, cats, birds, mud, flowers, gardens, lambs. its just so full of possibility. here are a few pictures from my view of their weekend. enjoy!

ps i want to thank both of my folks for keeping the kids safe, busy and in bed at the end of their days. i know its not easy to do that -- four little kids are a handful -- but mama and dad -- you were amazing! thank you so much!! and also a shout out to graham, my husband! thank you for making the sacrifice to come to my reunion - it meant so much to me to have you there - to share you with some very important friends. i love you!

Monday, June 6, 2011


i am back!! school is officially out for the summer and we are enjoying every moment of our free time! the whole family went down to virginia to visit my folks and to attend my 15th high school reunion! what a special time for all of us '96ers. it was bittersweet as we came together to honor and pay tribute to a very special english teacher.

reunions are a time to reflect, regroup and come together again. it certainly was that for me. i came back to a place of familiarity and also new freedom with my classmates. i wasn't as intimidated (ie awkward high school insecurities) to talk with them. i guess i had found me, in those years after graduation. the Lord has been so good to give me all the desires of my heart: a husband, beautiful children, and a home. no my body is not perfect, my clothes had some mysterious stainage going on, and our car broke down; but i have a life that is beautiful and full.

oh by the way i want you to check out my friend logan's blog -- life as dessert! its hilarious. she and i were friends and classmates at our high school. i think she has a give away planned this week!