Friday, June 10, 2011

at home

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while i celebrated an amazing reunion in town, my folks took the kids for us. they had a blast on the farm. it was the first time that i really "relaxed" down here. i think the kids are really getting to the age where i don't have to be following them every step. the farm is a wonderful adventurous place for little ones. full of chickens, new kids (baby goats), dogs, cats, birds, mud, flowers, gardens, lambs. its just so full of possibility. here are a few pictures from my view of their weekend. enjoy!

ps i want to thank both of my folks for keeping the kids safe, busy and in bed at the end of their days. i know its not easy to do that -- four little kids are a handful -- but mama and dad -- you were amazing! thank you so much!! and also a shout out to graham, my husband! thank you for making the sacrifice to come to my reunion - it meant so much to me to have you there - to share you with some very important friends. i love you!

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