Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Great Minimizer

Hello all!! I have been busy with our four children, but now that summer is over I am determined to take each day and use it to my advantage. Today is rainy and humid - not a good pool day. Over the last few weeks I have been reading and inspired by simplemom's new book Organized Simplicity. I also found a terrific blog (by accident - isn't it always like that?) Its called Rethinking the Dream. Its about a husband and wife (+ child) who decided that the American dream of home ownership wasn't cracking up to be The Dream. So they downsized, sold their home, purged their stuff and moved to a two-bedroom rental apartment. As I wrestle emotionally with a possible move (again!) this summer (= our 10th move in 10 years of marriage and military), my desires are truly moving towards less is more. Less to clean (my cleaning regimen is so distracted with the clutter of our possessions.) and more time to embrace my precious children, my wonderful husband and my amazing life that Christ has given to me in Abundance!! I am going to take it with Day 1. I will post pictures of the spaces that I purge before and after shots. I already feel better. Something I am realizing about myself is that I carry stuff-guilt. I have bought things - that end up in "organizational boxes" (you know the rubbermaid clutter) and then I feel guilty if I don't repurpose it, gift it, goodwill-it or sell it. The problem is there isn't time in my life to do this -- so I am just going to get it OUT!! I am giving myself the gift of Peace and Order this summer. This gift will trickle down to the kids and to my husband -- who is out of country right now. When he returns I want to have this place full of peace. So not only does that mean that I purge but that I purge ingratitude from my heart. I want to be a mother who has a cheerful heart (resist the sin to get frustrated with the little people!) and purposeful days. No longer will I shirk my duty to create a home of order (yes life is messy but can't it be an easy clean up too!!) So here it goes folks!!!