Tuesday, February 22, 2011

spring is coming ...

the robins were out yesterday and now we have snow! but spring is coming. i know this fact, because the hubs and i successfully took two carloads (not completely full due to car seats and boosters) to the goodwill. i also attempted to take a car load of toys/kids items to once upon a child over the weekend, but got there right before it closed and was advised to come at opening of the next business day. ugggh so i just lugged all of that junk out to the car, drove the 20 minutes to the shop, drove back, then lugged it all back in to the garage. the junk heap is waiting for its day (i wonder how much money i can get for it?) it was one of those tasks that is not easily completed, a nagging, on-going task.

decluttering tasks yet to be completed:

1. garage
2. master bedroom
3. office
4. take more to goodwill
5. take load to kids' consignment shop for resale

projects to figure out:

1. office paper junk
2. children's school paper pile up
3. proper use of office for tasks, rather then pile ups being in other parts of the house
5. buy a paper shredder

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