Thursday, February 3, 2011

the happiness project

yesterday i sat down to edit and organize my pile of recipes in to ONE binder! i decided a few months ago that this NEEDED to be done. (after reading about said project in small notebook) but i just put it on a list for another day's doing and low and behold TODAY arrived. i think my momentum is rolling along. you see, this whole simplify what you have, cull down to what you love and keep it, take care of it, use it -- its been building in me, all this year after we moved AGAIN! now we are settling in. we'll be here at least three years (in this one house!) and i can get to my project list. the momentum grew even more as i have been reading the happiness project. basically this project is a set of resolutions that i am making (daily) and collecting in a notebook, of which i ACTUALLY, in small bits and pieces, fulfill or work on. so as i have been working on the house, i got to a point today (never mind my laundry has gotten rather behind) where my office was nearly finished becoming the creative space i have been dreaming about. so i started working on those recipes. what freedom. what lovliness. ditch the extra and keep the wonderful!! i am making a list of (did i mention i love lists!) dinners to go to in a pinch. i want to have the makings for these dinners on hand at all times (if possible) and i also want to have (one of these days this project will be started!) a year's worth of food in case of emergencies. if you look at my book list on amazon you would see a stack on survival, self-sufficiency, handwork, gardening, living-off-the-land. SO the point of this blog post is that i am being creative!!!! the office is my creative space now!! i even made birthday invitations for my daughter's birthday party (which is in three weeks!) good things are happening around here. it also helps that i got a decent night's sleep (getting to bed by 9:30pm). its a must around here if mama is to be on her game in the morning.

now if i can just get to cleaning the floors, dusting, washing sheets, everyday laundry, exercise, eating better and drinking my water!! Oh Lord Jesus Have Mercy!!

** please go to the happiness project blog b/c i am not giving it a full explaination. i think there are parts to it that will really resonate with you heart and your soul. ultimately i know that my joy the FULL JOY is found in my relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit & i know that this liturgy i am longing to live out will fill my abundantly over and over. he gives me choices every day to pick those fruits of the Spirit and to eat of them: love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness self-control. this project is about making those fruit choices. its feeding my soul.

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  1. the blog roll to the right is where i have found much of the content in this post. content that i have been sitting on, chewing on, sipping on -- i will try and give credit where it is due.