Tuesday, March 5, 2013

update :: medifast

Ok people, so here is the update. i have lost about 13 lbs so far and then my birthday celebrations hit! you know how that goes. so i am back on it and have a few observations: 1. my problem time is supper time, cooking the supper, waiting to eat, and then celebrating when the husband comes home -- the wine flows and that is making it hard to lose. 2. i really like having the even feeling - this is a very low-glycemic level diet - so if i am following my 5 small snacks and then my lean & green meal faithfully, i don't get the shakes!! 3. i have significantly cut down on my caffeine (french press coffee) intake - that is about one cup per day. i find that i don't need more then that. plus i would rather be drinking my water instead. 4. i am learning so much about my body and how i react to certain foods - like the time i fell off the wagon and ate a bunch of cookie dough that i was making for the kids - and then an hour later the sugar depression hit me and i was a crazy mama! i noticed the next day, even after a very good night's sleep, i had to take a nap in the afternoon - the sugar was still effecting my system. i do not like that feeling at all. i need to remember this feeling and avoid it at all costs. 5. i am not a big fan of anything but the shakes and the bars - and even those are really hard to get down. 6. my body really craves fruits and vegetables and whole, clean foods. i love that! these are all good observations and since i am going to finish up my medifast food this month and then go back to eating the way i should, for financial reasons, i need to remember these points!!!

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