Tuesday, March 5, 2013

keeping :: self

hello friends, i know i need to do an update post on my diet using Medifast, and i will but i just needed to post about this. I have just started reading Say Yes To Hoboken (sister-in-law to Jordan of Oh Happy Day and Gabrielle of DesignMom). I thought her post yesterday was so, simply, good. I decided to make my own list - let me see ... 1. blog :: (i wish that i did this blog thing more often, every day - but sometimes i find it overwhelming because i am a perfectionist. no not everything in my house is perfect (or life for that matter) - precisely because if i can't do it perfect, then i won't do it at all or even try. blogging is such an amazing form of communication and expression and i do long to enter in to this world. so i will keep trying to pick it up and make a habit - because it helps me plan, focus, align my thoughts and heart, connect and share. 2. knit :: (i do love to knit - it ebbs & flows withe season and the project.) i am not a great knitter but i do love the process even more then the finished product. 3. garden :: (it is nearly spring and i am waiting for just a bit more warmth, before i venture out to clean up my garden and plan my spring and summer greenery.) - our life is in transition (perpetually) right now, so i go back and forth with actually putting a garden in. i think what i may do some container gardening and use the square foot spaces that we have from two years worth of gardening to plant lettuces and cilantro. i have so many seed packets left over from last year - are those still good. i think so. 4. walking :: i love being outside on a walk. its so good for my mood. in fact, even the quick little trip to pull the garbage cans from the curb (when its super cold outside this is a challenge!!:) is a mood-lifter. we live in such a beautiful part of the city and so close to town. i need to insist that our family takes walks at least once a week. everyday we will be walking to and from school when the weather is warm enough. we borrowed a very nice double jogger - perfect for tired little four-year olds and six-year olds to hop in to. no excuses for me!! do you have anyways that you need to incorporate back in to your daily life that keep you?

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