Wednesday, March 21, 2012

some thoughtful changes

Some of the things that I have started over here are:

1. making my own bread rather then buying the store bought (even if it is ezekiel bread) & made homemade buttermilk bisquits from scratch too!

2. eating out of our freezer and frig - I am inspired by Kristen who has a weekly post called "Food Waste Friday" where she logs what she didn't end up using that has gone off

3. using homemade cleaning products during my spring cleaning - i love that fresh smell

4. picking up the recycling and composting that had gone to the least important task list

5. trading my homemade bread for lovely fresh organic eggs with a friend at church

6. clearing the clutter from our home feels so good!

7. staying strictly to my menu plan as best as possible and not making individual trips to the grocery for missing/used up items - this takes discipline but I remind myself that I have a plan and that I can make it to Thursday to buy my half and half and for now I can use the 2% milk in my coffee.

8. researching CSA's and farmer's markets that truly are "local" to me

how are you bringing thoughtful and purposeful stewardship in to your home this spring?

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